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Web Design and Development

The best way to showcase your business online.

Your website is the most complete business card your company can have. It is not enough to create a beautiful website. It needs to represent your brand, your product, values, voice, and many other subjective aspects to attract the right Persona. The best way to do this is through a website thought out in every aspect.

DigiFlow can develop your company's website having your consumer in mind. We offer a personalized service experience, with a team that participates from beginning to end in every project. After truly understanding your goals, we will create fast-loading, responsive pages that prioritize the user experience, focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), accelerating the consumer journey, and all the other details that will help your business grow.

WordPress Development

We can develop your website on WordPress, the most used, intuitive, and search engine friendly platform. Your team will be able to easily change and personalize pages.

Responsive Web Design

Your website needs to look amazing on both desktops and mobile devices. Have a website that automatically adapts to different formats, improving the user experience.

E-commerce on Shopify

Shopify is a flexible e-commerce platform that can be customized to meet the needs of your business. You can have a beautiful and efficient online sales page with integration to all your marketing tools

Graphic Design

Have a visually impactful website that really transmits your brand's personality and positioning. Besides being visually pleasing, your site needs to be clean, intuitive, and easy to use on every device.

“Your website promotes you 24/7. No employee can do that.” - Paul Cookson

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Website Development

How we create amazing websites

The project to create a website can be one of the most important of your business. Therefore, following our mindset of working very closely with our customers, we have a website development methodology that begins within your company. We only start coding after we understand your business and your goals. Know the steps:



Business Analysis

At the first meeting, our team will understand your goals and what you want to achieve through your website. We want to understand your brand, identity, needs, and challenges. This step is crucial for any successful project.



Creating a Plan

We will make a roadmap for the construction of your website. That way, we can determine each stage of the project and set deadlines. It is also your first chance to give feedback about the path we're following to ensure we're in the right direction.




We know that the final approval of a website can take many versions. Still, as we value the alignment and planning process, the first model is likely to be very close to your needs, saving your business' time and money.



Web Development

When we get to the version that best suits your business, our team will develop your website. We always follow the best practices of coding, SEO, and responsive design to deliver you a high-quality website.



QA and Launch

It's time to go live! After many tests and configurations, your website will be ready to greet the first visitors. Even post-launch, our team will be monitoring data and traffic to be sure everything is working well.