Easy Tips to Rank Better in Google Local Search

Easy Tips to Rank Better in Google Local Search

Google My Business is an excellent tool for making your company be seen, so step up your Local SEO game!

Here are 3 easy tips you can start doing NOW to rank better in Google local searches:

1 – Post regularly on your Google My Business profile! Many companies do not use this feature, but posting often can improve your local ranking. You can use this space to share promotions, offers, new services, and other real-time updates.

2 – If your company’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is not consistent, Google may not trust you. Update this information on your profile, website, and all other business directories across the internet. A useful tool for checking this information is Moz local search tool (I’ll put the link in the comments).

3 – Remember that your website’s keywords also influence Google My Business ranking! Google often shows map listings with the notice “Their website mentions…” and a relevant keyword for the user. Many people do not associate the company’s website with local searches, but the right #SEO on your pages can help you on GMB as well.

Is your company already following these tips?

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