5 Tips on Image SEO: How to Optimize Images For SEO

5 Tips on Image SEO: How to Optimize Images For SEO

We at DigiFlow prepared these 5 steps Image SEO tutorial with some fundamental tips that you must pay attention to when optimizing your images. Follow this guide will help you improve your rankings, site speed, and decrease your bounce rate.

1. Alt Text

For a good alt text, you need to be accurate and concise. Avoid lengthy descriptions, keep your alt texts short, and describe the image accurately, to help Google understand its value. Also, you don’t need to state that this is an image on the alt text, Google can understand that. Don’t stuff your alt text with keywords, choose only the essentials.

2. Image Format

When it comes to image optimization for SEO, the best image formats are JPEG, PNG, and WebP. Use JPEG for large images; you’ll get great results with small file sizes. Choose PNG for line drawings and texts. Or go with WebP to get high-quality results with smaller file sizes.

3. SEO Image File Name

An essential technique for image SEO is to optimize the image file names. Create descriptive names with proper keywords. Customize the file names to help Google and search engines understand your images and improve your SEO value.

Keep your filenames clear, descriptive, and don’t stuff with keywords.
Good: dog-labrador.jpg
Bad: dog-breeds-dogs-labrador-puppies.jpg

4. Image Uniqueness

In terms of image SEO, uniqueness is an essential factor for optimization, and for that, you got two options: stock images or creating your visual content. Stock images are faster and more practical, but for better ranking on SEO, it is preferable to create your own images.

5. Mobile-Friendly SEO Image

Google prioritizes the experience of mobile users. Your images must be responsive to devices, with different resolutions, screen sizes, and other features. It means that your SEO images must work fine on the various devices that your users access your website or blog.

Are you ready to see your page speed load and rankings improved with our Image SEO Optimization tips?

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